2.888 young people have applied to Business Academy Aarhus

For the fourth year in a row, Business Academy Aarhus is experincing growth in the number of quota 2 applicants - this year with a progress of 24% compared to last year.

A total number of 2,888 students have applied through quota 2 for admission to one of our 16 programmes. 

This corresponds to an increase of 24 % compared to last year. Looking solely at programmes offered in Danish, the increase is 36 % compared to last year. For the international programmes the increase has been 10 %. Of a total of 2,888 applicants, 1,469 have applied to Business Academy Aarhus as first priority. This is 25 % more first priority applications compared to last year. The calculations are based on data from www.optagelse.dk 20th of March 2014.

Programmes close to practice are gaining popularity 

Principal Christian Mathiasen is pleased to see progress and notices a tendency amongst young people of an increasing desire to get educations targeted at the private economic life.

"The increase in applicants hints that we, here at Business Academy Aarhus, are doing the right thing, when we couple theory and practice and educate young people to be hired primarily in the private sector." says the principal. 

New programmes are popular

The progress has been particularly large in relation to the programmes; Computer Science, Environmental Management and Financial Controller, where the quota 2-applications have increased from between 29 % to 53 % compared to last year. Also the Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management, which is offered for the first time this year, is popular with a total of 278 applicants. 

The Marketing Management programme continues to be the  programme most applied for with a total of 573 applicants for both the Danish- and the English-spoken, international programme. Second comes the Multimedia Design and Communications programme with a total of 390 applicants. Financial Management and Services comes in third with a total of 282 applicants.


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