Attracting students from all over the world

During the next two weeks, students from 29 different countries will start their tertiary education at Business Academy Aarhus. Of the 2,524 new students enrolled this year, 521 of them are from another country. This makes the number of international students the highest level ever.

One out of five new students at Business Academy Aarhus comes from another country. Thus, the share of foreign students at Aarhus' third-largest educational institution is the highest ever.
‘Our ambition is to be the most international business academy in the country because we want an international study environment. For the same reason we also encourage Danish students to go on study visits and internships abroad. It is gratifying to see, that our strategy to attract and retain many talented international students - approximately 20 percent of our total intake has been achieved’, says Head of International Relations Mads Hedelund from the Academy.

29 different nationalities

Dutch Soraya Zieren is one of the 521 international students enrolled this year. Soraya begins next week on the BA-programme in Marketing Management and will after graduation continue with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Sales and Marketing Management.

‘I am very pleased to become a student here’, says 21-year-old Soraya, who has already found both a part time job and a Danish boyfriend in Aarhus.

‘After graduation, I would love to stay here and work. I'm already crazy about the Denmark. The population density is not nearly as high as in the Netherlands. I like the space, the fresh air and the many green areas’, says Soraya.

From Rome to Aarhus

The students come from countries such as Costa Rica, Greenland, Afghanistan, USA, Norway, Belarus and Ethiopia. The list of students enrolled this summer includes 29 different nationalities. For the first time, this also includes Italians such as Giulia Bartolomucci. Recently, she moved from Rome to Højberg to study to become a Bachelor in Chemical and Biotechnical Technology.

‘I have long known that I wanted to study abroad because I love foreign languages and new cultures. I like the Nordic countries and chose the Academy because there is a practical approach to the subject and internship is an obligatory part of the programme, which I see as a huge advantage for my future job opportunities’.

The 19-year-old Italian and her boyfriend have already moved into the student dormitory ‘Rundhøjkollegiet’ situated in the Aarhus district of Højbjerg.

‘I am excited to learn Danish, improve my English and meet other students with the same passion for science, biotechnology and lab work as me’, she says.

International environment

According to previous calculations, Business Academy Aarhus and the School of Architecture in Aarhus have the most foreign students compared to the city's other higher education institutions.

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