Brewing of beer at the timetable

On Thursday 21 November our department at Hasselager Allé inaugurated an instruction brewery that aims to raise subject knowledge and cross-disciplinary work – and give students knowledge about the complicated processes when hop, water and yeast turns into beer.

The brewery is a miniature of a modern brewery and aims to make the tuition more practice oriented. Teacher Carl Hansen tells: 

”We have chosen to produce beer, because it is a process that can be transferred to a lot of other biotechnical processes,” 

Principal Christian Mathiasen is enthusiastic about the brewery too: 

”I think that the brewery will make the learning environment even better,” he says. 

Beer sold at the Friday bar

The beer from the brewery will only be served at the students Friday bar at Business Academy Aarhus. The first 180 litre are already brewed and served at the inauguration.