Students recieve innovation-award for epilepsy-app

Three international students from Business Academy Aarhus have been honored with a national innovation prize and 50,000 DKK for their life-saving aid for epileptics.

A phone app that registers, warns and guides in relation to epileptic fits, yesterday recieved a national innovation prize and 50,000 DKK. The app is developed by three Latvian students from Business Academy Aarhus. One of the students has first-hand experience with the frustrations of not being able to give first aid to epileptics who for example drops on the street. This is why the students developed the app 'AurApp' as an aid to epileptics and their relatives. Through mobile network, the app warns passing people about fits and provides guidance on how the epileptic can be helped. The app can also send textmessages to relatives and warn the local hospital in case the epileptic is left alone on the street. 

"Every year 1,000 people die from epileptic fits. 400 of these can be saved by the aid of our app." says the 21-year old Arturs Avramenko. He has developed the winning app in collaboration with his two fellow students Martin Spricis and Nikita Kazakevics from the bachelor's top-up programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

"It is so amazing the we have won. We are very proud and happy." says Arturs Avramenko.

Best out of 32

A jury consisting of professionals chose the epilepsy-app as the best out of the three finalists and was chosen among 32 project ideas from all over Denmark. The jury reasoned their choice of app by a high degree of innovation and a large potential to further develop the app to other existing patient groups. 

"The product is well-considered and offers a functionality and a user experience that has not been seen in other apps directed to epileptics. The group solves the challenge by involving the surroundings to aid the concerned with a cronic illness. To think of an app this way is innovative and is not only considered to have a large potential in the epileptic area, but also a vast amount of other areas, where citizens, in some situations, are prevented from guiding themselves." says the jury in their judging.

Royal enthusiasm

The prize was presented at Aalborg Univerity on Thursday the 24th of April under the attendance of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary, who took the time to talk to the happy award winners,

"It was a great honor for us to meet the Crown Princess. She talked to us for seven minutes and showed great interest in our app. She told us that she was sure the app will save lifes." says latvian Arturs Avramenko who has moved to Aarhus to study. 

Selected for Danish Championships

Next month, the three winning students will present their app for a new jury and will have the chance to win another prize. Arturs, Martins and Nikita are among the 14 students from Business Academy Aarhus, who have been selected to participate in the finale at Danish Championships in entrepreneurship in Børssalen in Copenhagen at the 22nd of May.