Business Academy Aarhus has 1.000 international applications

37% of all applications to Business Academy Aarhus are from international students

The application deadline for the summer semester 2015 was on 15 March 2015 and Business Academy Aarhus received a record number of applications again. Overall, we received 2.700 applications, which is an increase of 7 % compared to last year. And with 1.000 of these applications coming from international students, we have exceeded our goal of 30 %. Business Academy Aarhus is thus among the top two higher educational institutions in Aarhus in terms of attracting international students.

Business Academy Aarhus has shown an increase in applicants for five years in a row and the most popular programmes this time are marketing management, multimedia design and finance. The principal, Christian Mathiasen is pleased with the numbers. ‘It is positive that since we started, we have had a steadily increasing number of applications. This proves that Business Academy Aarhus is right in combining theory with practice and primarily aims at qualifying students to work in the private sphere’.

The hopeful students must now patiently wait until the 30 July 2015 to find out whether they have been accepted into Business Academy Aarhus.

The international students though, need only wait until the beginning of May when they will get a 'Letter of Intent' if they have been accepted.