An app can reduce side effects for children with leukaemia

Computer Science students and researchers have developed app prototype.

With this new app, children with leukaemia and their families can record, among other things, their daily medication use and any side effects from the treatment and thereby valuable data will be gathered which may improve quality of life. The app is the first of its kind in the Nordic countries.

Each year approximately 50 children in Denmark are affected by leukaemia. The cause of death in half of the cases is from the side effects of the treatment. For children and parents, their cancer process is often marked by anxiety, helplessness, insecurity, pain and a desire to be involved in the treatment. The new app should change all that. 

The app has been developed by Business Academy Aarhus in collaboration with scientists, doctors and nurses from Aarhus University hospital.

Monitors side effects and optimises the treatment

The app for leukaemia stricken children is meant as a ‘daily journal’, where the children and their relatives enter medication use, side effects, weight, pain-level and food intake.

‘With this data, we can get a more accurate picture of the children’s symptoms and thereby make better decisions about their treatment,’ says paediatrician Torben Stamm Mikkelsen from Aarhus University hospital in Skejby, and adds that the app fulfils a desire from both the children and their parents.

‘Some patients are seen each day; others are only seen about once a month. It is often a challenge for the parents to convey the child’s side effects as accurately as possible. With this app, they get a better overview and a higher level of involvement in their own care, and we get a better opportunity to optimise the treatment towards the individual,’ says Torben Stamm Mikkelsen.

Extended to other treatment types

Computer Science students and researchers have developed a prototype of the app that will initially be used for children with leukaemia in Denmark. In the long run, the application could be extended to other types of treatment and diseases, since more and more patients are partially treated as an outpatient.

The State’s research funds and Børnecancerfond have contributed financially to the development of this app.

Read more about the project (in Danish only)

Further information

Lecturer and project manager Morten Mathiasen, Business Academy Aarhus, Sønderhøj 30, 8260 Viby J, tel. 7228 6324 or

Paediatrician Torben Stamm Mikkelsen, MD, PhD, Aarhus University Hospital, Brendstrupgaardsvej 100, 8200 Aarhus N, tel. 5356 6513 or