Increased intake for the sixth year in a row at Business Academy Aarhus

In August, Business Academy Aarhus will welcome to 2083 new students. This is 1 percent more than last year.

1634 upcoming students received their Letter of Admission from Business Academy Aarhus on 30 July. One of them is 19-year-old Laura Vendelbo from Horsens. Together with 192 others,  Laura will start on the Financial Management programme, the Academy’s second most popular programme.

‘I’m very excited,’ says Laura, who would like to work as an advisor or manager in a bank and always been interested in numbers, budgets and accounts.

Total intake 2083

Besides the 1634, who received a Letter of Admission email from Business Academy Aarhus on 30 July, a further 449 were told that they had been accepted to one of the Academy’s 18 month Bachelor Top-up programmes. This brings the total intake up to  2083, which is 15 additional students, or in other words 1 percent more than last year. Calculations from Business Academy Aarhus and the coordinated enrolment system (KOT) confirm these numbers.

It has become harder to get into

Business Academy Aarhus’ Principal, Christian Mathiasen is once again delighted that many of the Academy’s 37 higher education programmes will be filled up this year.

‘It has become harder to get in because this year we had restrictions on the amount of students we are  allowed to accept and we lost about 50 places. It is therefore positive that we nevertheless managed to grow. Several of our degree programmes therefore required a higher average mark this year in order to be accepted.’

Principle Christian Mathiasen adds: ‘We have had notable surges in applications the last several years. The huge number of applications year after year reaffirms that Business Academy Aarhus is doing the right thing in connecting theory with practice and educating young people in close cooperation with, primarily, the private labour market. At the same time, we have developed a number of programmes which enable further study; this allows the students to increase their formal education after a period of working.’

Finance and service programmes are popular

Marketing Management, Financial Management*, Multimedia Design and Communication, and Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management are the Academy’s most popular programmes. For example, one of our newest programmes, AP Degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management was very popular with 291 applications for only 80 places. Since 2009, our intake has only gone one way - up!

Business Academy AarhusOverall intake
2009 1.320
2010 1.330
2011 1.579
2012 1.743
2013 1.839
2014 2.068
2015 2.083
Increase from 2014-2015 1 percent

*At the moment, Financial Management and Service as well as Hospitality and Tourism Management are only available in Danish at Business Academy Aarhus.