Marketing Management students win international branding competition in Cologne

Five marketing management students won a contest at Cologne Business School for their rebranding of Munich airport on Friday 20 March. A high level of innovation and good presentation techniques secured the win according to judges.

A detailed analysis, good presentation and communication skills as well as particularly relevant and innovative ideas for the branding strategy. So said the judges, who come from the world’s leading consulting and advertising agency Interbrand, and who therefore picked the winners from Business Academy Aarhus.

‘It’s absolutely fantastic. We have been evaluated and found to be the best in the world in this field,’ says Anne Kirstine Skytt, marketing management student with a specialisation in globalisation.

Her teammate, Argentinean Juan Cruz Ferreyra from the international line, is obviously also proud.

‘We think we did well! The other groups were super skilled academically, but very theoretical and abstract in their presentation. We were more practical, and I think that this is what impressed the judges.’

Diligent, serious and innovative

None of the five winning students: Christina Louisa Sølbæk Trond Hansen, Anne Kirstine Skytt, Rikke Frederiksen, Thomas Fisker and Juan Cruz Ferreyra had been to Munich airport before. Yet they solved the task of rebranding airport with flying colours, maybe because together they represent the range of our marketing management programme specialisations.

‘The students are diligent, serious, innovative and have a very high academic level,’ says Lecturer Hans-Henrik Ebsen from Marketing Management, who was with the winning team in Cologne.

Task: rebrand Munich airport

The competition, University to Business (U2B), was held for the fifth consecutive year in connection with the conference ‘The Branding Challenge - The Power of Brands’ in Cologne on the 19 - 20 March 2015 and was prepared by the company Interbrand International, the world’s leading consulting and advertising agency with 33 offices in 27 countries.

The assignment was based on a specific case, which was to re-brand the Munich airport. The jury, which consisted of senior executives from Interbrand, already has the airport, which is Germany's second largest, as a customer.

Two days of work presented in 15 minutes

After two days of intensive work, which included competitor analysis, industry analysis, idea generation and preparation of their presentations, each team was given 15 minutes to present their proposal for a new branding strategy for the Munich airport. Our students also took this in their stride.

‘The judges noticed that our students were not nervous, that they dared to ask questions and that they approached the task in a down-to-earth way. They were methodical in their idea generation phase and altogether fantastically proficient in all the parameters,’ concludes Lecturer Hans-Henrik Ebsen.

Ideas may become a reality

The students are all in the second semester of the Marketing Management programme though with different areas of specialisation.

This is the first time that Business Academy Aarhus participated in the competition and they competed against bachelor and master students from Austria, Germany and Holland.

‘Interbrand told us afterwards that if we visit the airport in about a year’s time, some of our proposals will most likely be a reality. So we will have to go and see,’ says Anne Kirstine Skytt and Juan Cruz Ferreyra.

Business Academy Aarhus congratulates all five award-winning marketing management students, who in addition to many new experiences, international contacts and the honour, came home with an Android tablet in their luggage.

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