Welcome to the 2100 new students

2100 new students are starting their higher education at Business Academy Aarhus on Monday. Every sixth is from another country.

19-year-old Laura Vendelbo from Horsens is one of the 2100 who will start her programme at Business Academy Aarhus on Monday 24 august.

‘It is totally overwhelming and I’m nervous, but in the good way,’ says Laura, who is starting her Financial Management programme, the Academy’s second most popular programme.

It has become harder to get into

1650 students are starting on one of the two-year AP degree programmes while approximately 450 are starting on one of the Academy’s 1 ½ year undergraduate bachelor programmes. Marketing Management, Financial Management, and Multimedia Design and Communication are the Academy’s biggest programmes and have all had increased intake the last 6 years in a row, though not all these programmes are offered in English at the moment.

‘It has become harder to get in because this year we had restrictions on the amount of students we are  allowed to accept and we lost 50 places. Several of our degree programmes therefore require a higher average mark this year in order to be accepted,’ says Principal Christian Mathiasen.

Students from 37 different countries

There are many international students among the new students. 337 of the 2100 new students are from another country. This is equivalent to approximately one sixth. One of them is 28-year-old Liza Bezuidenhout from South Africa. She is going to study Marketing Management. ‘I have always dreamed of educating myself and starting my own business,’ says Liza.

The twins Georgi Dimitrov and Ivan Dimitrov from Bulgaria are both starting on the IT Technology programme on Monday. ‘We heard about Denmark from a friend who is studying here. We chose this country because there is a good higher education system and because the country is clean and beautiful and has amazing architecture,’ claim the two 19-year-old brothers, who were assembled on Friday at the Academy for Orientation Day with all the other international students.

37 different nationalities, including Afganistan, China, New Zealand and Italy are represented. Business Academy Aarhus is therefore, along with Aarhus School of Architecture, the higher education institute with the highest percentage of international students in Aarhus. Mads Hedelund, the Academy’s Head of International Office confirms that ‘we have invested significantly in making our study environment international, partly because companies require that employees can function in an international world, and partly because it is hugely instructive for our students to meet others who do not think exactly the same way as they do. That is why we are happy to expose our Danish students to internationalisation on a daily basis.’

110 tutors must get the new students out of their comfort zone

On the different programmes, the teachers and a total of 110 tutors are in charge of providing the new students with the best possible start. In addition to the usual name games, the students are exposed to team building exercises that force them out of their comfort zones and create cohesion. 20-year-old Dina Bahn Hermansen, who is tutor for 60 new Marketing students who are divided into two teams says, ‘we have put together a tight programme. We are, among other things, gong on a trip to a secret place, where we will take their mobile phones away from them and force them to become more social. They will also have to try different team building exercises and they will attend a fictional wedding party, where they are assigned different roles and must for example act as toastmaster and hold speeches for one other. A successful introduction week helps to create a good cohesion for the class. That is why we make such an effort.’

In addition to the introduction held by the different programmes, the Academy has also planned a joint social intro-programme for all students across all programmes and for all nationalities. Academy Café and Event Manager Morten Bo Jakobsen adds, ‘we are, among other things, going on a treasure hunt, will be taught to play poker by a professional dealer, will go on a pub crawl and have a quiz. It’s going to be loads of fun.’ 

Chris Macdonald will help with good studying habits

A positive attitude, motivation and discipline are important characteristics when one starts on a higher education. Therefore, the lifestyle expert Chris MacDonald is coming to the Academy a week after the introduction programmes to inspire the new students with good studying habits.