Won IT competition and got a job

Two international Computer Science students, Daniel Grek Sanchez Castellanos and Peter Majchrák, from Business Academy Aarhus have won Novicell’s annual IT talent competition ‘Geek Challenge’ so overwhelmingly that the two students were given a job at Novicell.

Developed a web application

The two Computer Science students won ‘Geek Challenge’ with a new app that acts as a kind of event calendar, which via an integration to Facebook, searches for events that are close by. The Lithuanian and Slovakian students have only been in Denmark for three months, so their app is something useful for them too.

‘When you have just moved to a new country or a new city, it’s nice to get out and participate in the area’s cultural life and meet some new people. That’s exactly what we do with our platform,’ says Peter Majchrák, and adds:

‘There are still some things that need to be tweaked a bit, so that it is absolutely perfect, but all in all we are very satisfied with the result. The most important thing for us is that we had tons of fun while we worked on the project, and of course we learned quite a lot.’

Impressed Director

In addition to employment with Novicell, the two IT talents also received a cheque for DKK 10.000 and according to Per Kirchner, Director of Novicell, Daniel Castellanos and Peter Majchrák fully deserved to win first prize.

‘Daniel and Peter both have an incredibly big talent that will take them very far in this industry. But in addition to that, they have also shown initiative by signing up for the competition and spent a lot of time so that they could show us their abilities. This requires a great willpower, and there are not many students who have this,’ says Per Kirchner in the company’s press release.

Competition is a good recruitment channel

Daniel Castellanos and Peter Majchrák have been employed in Novicell as of 1 December and will work somewhere between 12 and 16 hours a week alongside their studies. This is the third time that Novicell has hosted Geek Challenge, and every year the three best from the competition have been employed by them.