Chemical and Biotechnical, Food or Process Technology

Here are the average marks for this programme.

Period: Spring semester 2016

ExamCo-examinerSemesterAverage markNo. of students
Study programme Chemical and Biotechnical Technology: Biotecnology External 2nd semester 6,6 6
Study programme Food Technology: Food technology and innovation External 2nd semester 10,4 7
Study programme Food Technology: Food quality and safety External 2nd semester 9 7
Bachelor project External 3rd semester 9,1 7

Period: Autumn semester 2015

ExamCo-examinerSemesterAverage markNo. of students
Production and quality control Internal 1st semester 6,8 11
Commerce Org. Man. Coop. Internal 1st + 2nd semester 10 16
Design of experiments  Internal 1st semester 4,6 10
Chemical Technology External 2nd semester 7,4 7
Internship Internal 3rd semester 9,3 13
Bachelor External 3rd semester 10,5 14