Financial Management and Services

Here are the average marks for this programme.

Period: Spring semester 2016

ExamCo-examinerSemesterAverage mark /
percent passed
No. of students
Business Economics and Economics External 2nd semester 5,0 28
Business Law External 2nd semester 3,4 27
Personal Finance, advising, Ethics and Sales Internal 2nd semester 6,6 27
Accounting A External 4th semester 7,0 25
Business Taxation and Corperate Financial Planning Internal 4th semester 4,6 25
Project Management and Sales Internal 4th semester 7,3 25
Business Development and Innvovation Internal 6th semester 6,6 25
Financing and Financial risk Management Internal 6th semester 2,0 25
Trade Specific Project External 6th semester 7,7 4
Accounting B External 6th semester 1,0 25

Period: Autumn semester 2015

ExamCo-examinerSemesterAverage mark /
percent passed
No. of students
Business understanding,
scientific method and
philosophy of science and
communication and
presentation techniques
Internal 1st semester 7,7 34
Macroeconomics, statistics
and international
capital markets
Internal 3rd semester 6,4 21

Cultural understanding,
organisation and marketing 

Internal  3rd semester  6,5 19
Internship Internal 5th semester 7,0 22
Elective C Internal 7th semester  5,1  16
Organisational development Internal 7th semester 9,6 20
Bachelor thesis External 7th semester 7,3 21