Study satisfaction results

Higher education programmes

Business Academy Aarhus conducts a student satisfaction survey for all programmes every autumn. Below you can see the total result for all our full-time, higher education programmes according to selected indicators.

You can also see all the reports with the results from all the areas that our students have evaluated us on, benchmarked according to all business academies for the last three years.

Area 2013
response from 77%
response from 74%
response from 74%

Satisfaction with the programme

- How satisfied the students are with their programme.
68 68 68
- How satisfied the students are with the academic outcome and standard of the programme.
68 69 69
Affiliatation with the programme
- Will you recommend the programme to others and do you expect to complete the programme.
76 77 77

Assessment of the facts that are important for student satisfaction and loyalty

Programme organisation  66 70 69
Teaching 72 73 74
Social environment 73 75 76
Atmosphere at educational institution 65 na 66
Equipment and materials 69 na 71

Index numbers on a scale from 0-100.

Results for the individual programmes

The results for the individual English language programmes can be found via the specific links below.