Experts in Teams

Innovation days for students | 23-25 November 2016

From the 23-25 November 2016, 400 students from Business Academy Aarhus' different programmes will participate in the innovation days ‘Experts in Teams’ – an annual recurring event, which in 2016, kicks off for the fourth time.

The innovation days teaches students new ways to work in interdisciplinary teams and generate successful innovation processes. They get the tools to use their own competencies in new ways in combination with students from programmes other than their own. The framework for the days is real-life business challenges, where the goal is to create new and useful ideas for companies and organisations.

We have chosen to concentrate on the innovation days ‘Experts in Teams’ in order to give our students the skills to work effectively and innovatively in teams – a key competence, which is needed by a large number of our partner companies.