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Experts in Teams
In 2001, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology created ‘Experts in Teams’ because the university wanted the students to get experience cooperating with people who had different academic skills than their own.

Facilitation is a pedagogical tool. The intention of facilitation is to stimulate the students’ ability to reflect about the cooperation within the group. The facilitators observe the cooperation and communication in the group, and intervene in different situations if it is relevant to help the group focus on cooperation.

A village is a ‘mini society’, which consists of 30 students who are dispersed in various project groups.

A team consists of 5-6 students who work together to solve a challenge for a company.

Village Executive Officer (VEO)
Lecturers at the Academy who facilitate their assigned villages/groups during the innovation days.

Village Facilitator Officer (VFO)
Students who in connection with an interdisciplinary elective subject are co-facilitators during the innovation days. The students help the VEOs to facilitate.

Q&A Corner
In the canteen area at Sønderhøj 30, the people behind 'Experts in Teams' will be ready to help with both practical things and general questions about both the innovation process and the actual course of events.