Again this year, we are inviting a number of companies to join us when 400 students collaborate to generate innovative ideas for the business community. This will happen across the Academy’s many different programmes for three intensive days from 23-25 November 2016.

In cooperation with you, we will formulate a challenge, the purpose of which is to create a new commercial angle. At the same time it should form the catalyst for the students’ interdisciplinary cooperation.

As a participant in this process, you must provide an actual challenge so that several groups of students, about 30 in total, can work with them during the process.

What do we as a company get out of joining?

As a participating company in ‘Experts in Teams’, you will get, among other things,:

  • the possibility of qualified and innovative ideas for an actual challenge in your organisation.
  • the possibility for employer branding in relation to interns or graduates.
  • the possibility to expand your cooperation with Business Academy Aarhus.
  • the possibility to network and gain broader professional knowledge from other companies.

Companies that participate in 2016: 

  • Gothenborg
  • Soy4you
  • Årø Vingård 
  • NORD Gourmet 
  • Kathrine Andersen Chokolade
  • Aarhus Bryghus 
  • Hedeagergaard
  • CoastZone
  • We Do Wood
  • NORDIC Seaplanes

Intellectual property rights for 'Experts in Teams' 2016

Intellectual property rights generated by students participating in 'Experts in Teams', will automatically go the students, unless an agreement has been made between the student and the relevant company or organisation.  

Registration and contact

If you would like to register for ‘Experts in Teams’ or have any questions about the process, please contact Birgitte Nygaard Alexandersen at