In connection with ‘Experts in Teams’, you will be put together with a team of students who have a different academic background than you. In the course of the three days, you must cooperate on a real-life challenge for a company and on the third day, you must present your ideas to the company.

What academic benefit will I get?

As a student and participant in ‘Experts in Teams’, you will, among other things, get:

  • A unique opportunity to help businesses with actual challenges.
  • Strengthened collaboration skills in an interdisciplinary team.
  • The ability to reflect and evaluate your cooperation with others.
  • A unique opportunity to expand your professional knowledge.
  • The opportunity to work with innovation, creativity and idea generation.
  • The opportunity to get in touch with companies that could become your next internship and/or workplace.

By volunteering for 'Experts in Teams' 2016 for all three days, you will have the process added to your Programme diploma. 

Use #eit16 and create a social forum

This year, 'Experts in Teams' is coming to life on Facebook and Instagram. Hashtag your photos with #eit16 and contribute to a unified collage from ‘Experts in Teams’ 2016.

You can also follow ‘Experts in Teams’ on Facebook or Instagram, where we will continuously be updating.

Win great prizes

On Wednesday 23 November, you and your village team are challenged to take the best and most creative picture with the theme ‘cooperation’. You can win great prizes by tagging #eit16win and @erhvervsakademiaarhus on the photo and putting it on Instagram. Remember that your profile must be open so that we can see the picture.

We’ll announce the best photograph in the canteen at 15:45.

Team Spirit Award

This year, your village team will also have the chance to win the ‘Team Spirit Award’. During the three days you will be observed and on the third day one team from each village will be nominated for the award. The winning team will be announced at the finale on Friday 25 November in the canteen.


All prizes are per person in the group unless otherwise stated.

  • 1st place: Gift voucher for Magazine (1,000 DKK), an envelope with diverse drink tickets for bars/nightclubs in Aarhus (11 each), 1 Masterbowl gift voucher (this is a group prize), 1 box of Kathrine Andersen Dessert chocolate (150 g).
  • 2nd place: 1 Masterbowl gift voucher (this is a group prize), 1 envelope with diverse drink tickets for bars/nightclubs in Aarhus (11 per person), 1 bottle of wine, Green concert tickets, sports’ water bottles from the Business Academy Aarhus, 1 Kathrine A Dessert chocolate (150 g).
  • 3rd place: AGF football tickets (valid 11/12 AGF-FCK), 1 Bakken Bears ticket, Aarhus Bryghus beer, gift vouchers for Annette’s Sandwich, Cocktail vouchers for Slapaf (2 per person), Train concert tickets (2 per person for Østkyst Hustlers), sports’ water bottles from Business Academy Aarhus, envelope with diverse drink tickets for bars/nightclubs in Aarhus (6 per person).
  • Team spirit award: Racehall gift certificate (for the whole group), gift vouchers for Annette’s Sandwich, drinks tickets for Heidis, AGF football tickets (valid 11/12 AGF-FCK), 1 gift voucher for the canteen (valid for ‘dish of the day’), 1 bottle of wine, MeatPackers drink tickets, sports’ water bottles from Northside, tickets to Food festival.

In addition to all this, there are also excellent prizes for all the winning village groups, for the Instagram competition and other prize draws.

Intellectual Property Rights for 'Experets in Teams' 2016

Intellectual property rights generated by students participating in 'Experts in Teams', will automatically go the students, unless an agreement has been made between the student and the relevant company or organisation.  

Where can I get help during the innovation days?

During the event from the 23-25 November 2016, you can get help from the people behind ‘Experts in Teams’ in the canteen area at Sønderhøj 30 (Q&A Corner). They will be ready to help with both practical things and general questions about both the innovation process and the actual course of events.