Village Executive Officer (VEO)/Ambassador

As a lecturer, you have the dual role of facilitator and ambassador.

As an Ambassador, you have an important role to play in that you must ensure the return flow and communication to the programmes, your colleagues and the students who are participating in the process. During ‘Experts in Teams’, it is also your task to facilitate the villages in cooperation with VFOs, which are the co-facilitators.

The ambassadors for ‘Experts in Teams’ 2016 are:

  • Karen Aarup Iversen
  • Martin Dybbroe
  • Dorthe Jakobsen
  • Torben Ibsen Uldall Sørensen
  • Jacob Simonsen
  • Christian Sommer 
  • Lise Bang Skriver
  • Liza Castro Christiansen
  • Peter Drejer
  • Mads Klinkvort
  • Carl Christian Hansen
  • Lars Bøge Eskildsen 
  • Birgitte Kjær Holm
  • Mikkel Harbo Bossow
  • Rudi Brent 
  • Jens Møller Jensen (Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering)
  • Peter Mosdal Jensen (Supervisor for VFOs) 
  • Maria Levi Høi (Supervisor for VFOs) 

Preparation for the innovation days

In preparation for this process, we will be hosting ambassador meetings, where you will be informed about the process so that you are ready for your tasks.

30 June 2016 at 8.00-9.30 (Innovatoriet)
Kick-off meeting for all lecturers.

22 November 2016 at 8.30-14.00 (Innovatoriet)
Information to all lecturers participating in ‘Experts in Teams’ 2016 (both new and experienced).

Where can I get help during the innovation days?

During the innovation days from the 23-25 November 2016, you’ll have the opportunity to get help from the people behind ‘Experts in Teams’ in the canteen area at Sønderhøj 30 (Q&A Corner). They will be ready to help with both practical things and general questions about both the innovation process and the actual course of events.