Village Facilitator Officer (VFO)

As part of your elective, you must as a student be a co-facilitator in connection with ‘Experts in Teams’, and therefore you will play an important role in the innovation days.

You will find that:

  • Your role as a co-facilitator is essential for the student's progress.
  • You can influence the students in a different way than the lecturers can.
  • You will learn to manage cooperation situations with your own knowledge and experience.

Lecturers as facilitators

Lecturers who are taking part in the innovation days, will be facilitating the innovation process. A lecturer will be connected to each village and you will work with them as a co-facilitator. 

Where can I get help during the innovation days?

During the innovation days from the 23-25 November 2016, you’ll have the opportunity to get help from the people behind ‘Experts in Teams’ in the canteen area at Sønderhøj 30 (Q&A Corner). They will be ready to help with both practical things and general questions about both the innovation process and the actual course of events. 

Information and contact

If you would like further information on the method ‘Experts in Teams’, it is available on NTNU’s website

If you have questions about your elective, you are welcome to contact the Head of Department Jesper Klintrup Nielsen at