Theme: Sustainability - the triple bottom line

Sustainability plays a bigger and bigger role in society, and globally, there is focus on reducing CO2 emissions, reducing waste and ensuring recycling, etc.

In this year’s ‘Experts in Teams’, we have therefore chosen to focus on how especially micro, small and medium sized Danish companies can strengthen their competitive advantages by working with ‘sustainability — the triple bottom line’.

The triple bottom line is a term that is gaining more and more ground in Danish companies. The concept focuses on sustainability in relation to the environment, social responsibility and earnings.

By considering the environment with for example, choice of production, supply and distribution, over-consumption of resources can be reduced while at the same time, the climate policy is taken into account. Social responsibility also takes the employees into account and strengthens the company’s reputation. Overall, a renewed focus on sustainability contributes to positive branding in relation to customers, potential employees and as a supplier, which together aim at increasing economic sustainability.