Guidelines and information

When you set about finding a company to make an internship agreement with, it is a good idea to start early. Use your network, be creative and let other students at the academy and their internships be an inspiration. At the Career Centre at Business Academy Aarhus you can get information on companies where students have done their internships in the past.

The internship company

What you must be aware of for your dialogue with an internship company:

  • The internship company must have a physical place of work and must allocate a workstation with everything that is required to enable the student to carry out work for the company for the whole period.
  • The internship company must allocate resources for status interviews with the student during the internship period to ensure that both the company and the student benefit as much as possible from the internship and that the expectations of both parties are met.
  • Throughout the internship, the student has a supervisor appointed by the Academy. If any questions arise regarding the process, the collaboration or the tasks performed by the student, the supervisor is available to discuss matters by telephone, skype or email.
  • To ensure a dialogue between your supervisor and the internship company, there must be an English-speaking employee in the company who can act as your contact person.
  • If you receive SU: the internship must be unpaid. In a letter dated 10 March 2015, the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Educational Support informed all higher education institutions that students cannot receive the SU student grant while completing a paid internship.

Students who receive a salary must opt out of SU, regardless of the amount of money you receive.  


You need to check whether special visa requirements exist regarding internships in the country you have an agreement with. We recommend that you apply for the rules and regulations concerning visas and work permits. Your internship company will generally be able to assist with relevant information.


You are responsible for having the correct insurance for the duration of your stay. Please note, that it can be really expensive if you are not fully covered. Please see for more information.

When going abroad for an internship, please remember to take out policies for: 

  • accident insurance
  • public liability insurance
  • health insurance (the yellow medical card does not cover you outside Denmark)
  • insurance against theft
  • travel insurance (new regulations for home journey).

For health insurance in Europe, please see the regulations for the blue European health insurance card. In Denmark the blue European health insurance card has to be renewed every five years.

Business Academy Aarhus requires that students in internship and student exchange are covered by a good insurance policy. Below you can find links to companies offering such policies. Find more information in the pdf-files. 


If you are going to do your internship in Africa or Asia, or any other exotic destinations, make sure that you get the relevant vaccines, and please note that some vaccines need to be given well in advance of departure. Please see or contact your doctor.


If you prepare your stay in detail you will be able to minimise any additional costs that may be associated with a stay abroad. See approximate expenses in connection with a semester abroad. 

Internship in Tanzania.
Internship in Europe.