How to find an internship company?

If you want an internship abroad, you need to start looking early to find an internship company. It is your responsibility to find an internship company that suits you. Use your network, be creative and be inspired by other students’ experiences.

The internship coordinator for your programme can give you a list of foreign companies that have previously had students as interns from your programme.

Be aware that there are a number of requirements for an internship company (pdf)

There are also a number of additional requirements for specific programmes. Read about them on

Get help from internship agents

You can get help finding an international company from internship agents. An internship agent is a company that specialises in helping students find internships abroad.

There are many different agents that can help. At the Academy, we have experience with these agents.

Internship in Vietnam, Australia and USA
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 Hutong School
Internship in China
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Internship Programme (pdf)
Programme introduction (pdf)
Internships in China by Hutong School (video) 
Internship in Canada
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This agent has provided good internships for students from especially Financial Management and Services, but also works with other types of students. Rates are in Canadian Dollars. Please note that internship and practicum is the same thing. The word practicum is widely used in Canada.
Please meet with a student counsellor from our Career Centre to get your CV and application approved before contacting Internex. And make sure that Internex knows you are a Business Academy Aarhus student, this will entitle you to the special rates listed in the pdf file.
Internex, pricing (pdf)
Internex, practicum program (pdf)