Summer or Winter School

At Business Academy Aarhus we encourage our students to spend time abroad during their educational programme.

Many students find it challenging to fit in an entire semester abroad and for that reason we have developed opportunities to study abroad at a summer or winter school. This is relatively cheap compared to going abroad for a semester and the time frame is shorter. 

Our summer and winter schools are a good way to experience a different culture and learn about a new academic field. Summer and winter schools are intensive programmes where you study across disciplines and with both Business Academy Aarhus students and students from local partner universities. 

We offer several different summer or winter schools each covering a theme which will give you specialised knowledge in an academic field.


Winter School in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Title: Branding in Buenos Aires
Subject area: MarketingRead more

Summer School in Toronto, Canada

Title: Manufacturing & Characterisation of Engineering Materials
Subject area: BiotechnicalRead more

Summer School in Toronto, Canada

Title: Social Media Content Creation
Subject area: Social MediaRead more

Summer School in Aarhus, Denmark

Title: Beverage Marketing
Subject area: MarketingRead more

Summer School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Title: Doing business in Malaysia
Subject area: BusinessRead more

Summer School in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Title: Entrepreneurship in East Africa
Subject area: Innovation and EntrepreneurshipRead more