Housing for exchange students

What type of housing do we offer?

As an exchange student at Business Academy Aarhus you will be offered housing. We do not offer on-campus accommodation; instead we have access to a number of rooms in dormitories/hall of residences (kollegier) in various parts of Aarhus. These rooms are all furnished with access to a kitchen, toilet and bathroom facilities. Many Danish and international students from various educational institutions throughout Aarhus live in dormitories.

If you choose to decline your offer of housing, or you do not respond to the housing offer within the deadline stated in the offer, it will be your responsibility to find your own housing. As finding housing is quite difficult in Aarhus – especially from abroad – we advise to accept the offer from the International Office.

Housing period

All exchange students will normally be offered housing for the period of 1 July – 1 January (for the autumn semester) or 1 January – 1 July (for the spring semester). Therefore, you need to pay rent for this six-month period even though you might only study for five months, otherwise it is not possible for us to secure housing for exchange students. Furthermore, it is very important that you respect the deadlines for terminating your lease when your stay in Aarhus is coming to an end. Information about terminating your lease will be sent directly to you by e-mail from our International Office. The start date of the lease may differ among the different exchange students, this is due to the fact that before we can offer you a room, the current exchange student living in that room must have left.

Housing fee

Exchange students renting accommodation through Business Academy Aarhus will be charged a fee of € 100. This fee is non-refundable and is required to cover Business Academy Aarhus’ expenses related to providing the housing service to exchange students. We will therefore not start the process of finding a room for you until we have registered your payment of this fee. Instructions on how to pay the fee will be sent to you by e-mail.


The typical monthly rent for a room in a hall of residence is approximately € 390. If you accept the housing offer you are required to transfer the rent for the first month as well as a deposit of approximately € 950, all-in-all € 1,350. Any damages to your room will be deducted from the deposit. The money must be transferred prior to your arrival. Only the deposit and the rent for the first month are paid to Business Academy Aarhus, as payments for the following months will be made to a central student housing association in Aarhus. Please note that upon arrival you have to pay for a full month, even though you arrive in Aarhus in the middle of a month. This is due to the fact that in order for us to reserve the rooms in the dormitories for our exchange students, we need to apply for whole months.

House rules

When you live in a hall of residence, it is important to have a pleasant and comfortable environment where everyone can live and study. It is essential to respect your neighbours and for everyone to take part in the shared responsibilities at the residence. When you receive a housing offer, a detailed presentation of your hall of residence as well as the maintenance regulations will be provided.