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Access to EBSCO Business Source Complete

We have bought access to Business Source Elites bigger brother: Business Source Complete. Find the link in the menu 'E-resources'

New books!

We're buying lots of exiting books for the library, and we have collected all purchases during the autumn on this list-to-end-them-all that you can download right now.
All books are sorted into topics, which makes it easy for you to jump to the place of your interest. From there you can link to the library catalogue to read about the book and order it if you'd like to.
The library is open the next week at the usual hours - last day is December 22nd, 2pm

The E-resource menu has a new look!

Need some guidance? Get it here.

Access to analysis on Danish internet trade

Business Academy Aarhus has become a member of the FDIH, the Danish E-commerce Association, and we have thus access to their popular analysis of Danish internet trade.

Please note that all content is in Danish.

Get access via the menu Resources above

Too much noise when you need to read?

The Sønderhøj library has bought noise-reducing headsets (can be used for music as well). Borrow one day at a time from the library desk.

Audio Technica