Chemical and Biotechnical, Food or Process Technology

Bachelor top-up programme - 1½ year - 90 ECTS

Chemical and Biotechnical, Food or Process Technology is a top-up course for chemical and biotechnical analysts, and after completing the 18-month-long programme you will obtain a Bachelor’s degree. The programme is the direct route to further education for chemical and biotechnical analysts, food technologists and process technologists.

You will get the skills to be successful in both national and international laboratory environments, and you will be updated on the latest technological, scientific and social developments. You will be trained to acquire additional knowledge within a field that is constantly evolving, and your ability to transfer and implement technical and scientific results into practical usage will be one of your main strengths. You will improve your academic skills and your qualifications in relation to planning, coordination and project management. The programme has a multi-disciplinary focus which teaches you to coordinate, communicate and initiate projects across various disciplines.

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As a Bachelor you can work in pharmaceutical firms, research and development, or as a teacher. Most often you will be employed in a project management position responsible for planning, development, execution, documentation and quality control. You will use your analytical and practical abilities to address tasks in relation to development, product manufacturing and research. 18 months will qualify you to undertake the tasks of the future in both public and private companies.

The programme is taught in English.

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