Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Bachelor top-up programme - 1½ years - 90 ECTS

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme is a Bachelor’s top-up programme for students who want to learn to develop business ideas and test them in practice. All Danish AP degree programmes provide direct access to the programme. This is a cross-disciplinary programme where you will meet other students with a different educational background and other skills.

For 1½ years you will acquire knowledge and tools that will enable you to start your own business and you will acquire the necessary skills to start and run innovative projects and companies. As a part of the programme you must establish and run a company in collaboration with your fellow students. You develop the idea for the company together with your team, but you are also welcome to present your own idea which you develop further and implement in your company team.

The programme is taught in English.

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This programme targets students who are interested in starting their own business, but you will also acquire in-depth business understanding that is relevant in other business contexts. During the programme you focus on innovation, creativity and understanding of the market, but you also learn organisation and planning, which gives you knowledge about how to run a business with growth potential. You will also learn how to participate in cross-disciplinary partnerships and to establish professional networks. 

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