The programme

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The programme consists of three semesters: a compulsory part for all students, an elective and an internship which concludes with a Bachelor’s project.

The programme includes subjects such as:

  • Innovation, development and growth
  • Management and networks
  • Practical business operations

In addition, the elective component and the internship enable you to specialise in the direction you want. 

The programme teaches you skills in innovation and creativity, but you will also learn to take initiatives and organise and plan the implementation of your idea. You will be working in a cross-disciplinary manner and your abilities to communicate, create and establish networks will be strengthened. 

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1st semester2nd semester3rd semester

Creative and innovative processes (5 ECTS)

Business proposition (5 ECTS)

Project management and network (5 ECTS)

Corporate management (5 ECTS)

Science of theory and methodology (10 ECTS)

Growth (10 ECTS) 

Change management (5 ECTS) 

Optional educational element
(15 ECTS)  

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(15 ECTS)

Bachelor’s project
(15 ECTS)

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Teaching Methods

We have a different and creative degree programme where you meet other students with entrepreneurship dreams, acquire the latest and most relevant academic input and get the possibilty to delve into the the nitty gritty.

In this programme there is only a short distance from words to action. We focus on the practical aspects involved in running a business and you can concentrate on the small things associated with starting your own business – based on academic input. 

You will therefore get to experience an optimal mix of: 

  • Academic input, assignments and cases
  • Guest lectures and company visits
  • Relevant books and articles
  • Work in company teams
  • Marketing surveys, observations, interviews etc.
  • Development of innovation plans, business models, business plans and growth plans
  • Innovation Camp
  • International inspiration during a 2-week stay abroad.

We have a creative and social learning environment where you can meet other students with an entrepreneurial spirit and you will get an opportunity to establish a network that you can benefit from later on in your career. 

The programme is cross-disciplinary. You will learn what your personal strengths are, what you can learn from others and what you are good while working in a team. This collects all of your qualifications and skills togehter and you will be able to see that you are successful when everybody contributes.

Individual coaching

At the beginning of the programme we map your entrepreneurship profile which we use to give you feedback and provide individual coaching on an ongoing basis – throughout the programme. 

Company teams

All students try to start up a business during the programme. During the programme you work in company teams typically consisting of four to five students with different academic and personal qualifications. The company team gives you an opportunity to apply and combine, for example technical, IT and business skills, to develop new innovative ideas. You work in different teams during the programme. In connection with the exam project and during your internship, you compose your own ‘Dream Team’.

Form of examination

The exams are of a cross-disciplinary nature and based on your own projects or those of your company team. The first semester finishes with an oral exam with an opponent, based on a prepared innovation plan. The second semester finishes with an oral exam with an opponent, based on a prepared business model. This exam takes the form of a seminar presentation with subsequent discussions on an optional educational element. The third semester finishes with an exam that consists of an assessment of your internship and your Bachelor’s project. 

Innovation Camp

As part of the degree programme, you participate in an ‘Innovation Camp’, typically consisting of an intensive 48-hour course, which takes place outside the Academy. At these camps you develop ideas with other students in order to solve specific problems.