Admission Requirements

International Sales and Marketing Management

In order to be admitted to this degree programme, you must have completed the following programmes:

  • Marketing Management

The specific admission requirements are mathematics at the Danish B-level or Business Economics at the Danish B-level and English at the Danish B-level. All courses must be passed before commencement of study.

The Academy evaluates

You are guaranteed admission to one of our 1½-year Bachelor top-up programmes, if you have an average of minimum 5 (from summer 2017 this will be increased to 6) in your qualifying AP degree.

If you are a graduate from the Marketing Management programme you can use the following tables to calculate your weighted average: 

Gratuated in 2017
Gratuated in 2015 or 2016
Gratuated in 2013 or 2014 
Graduated in 2010, 2011 or 2012
Graduated in 2008 or 2009
Graduated in 2007 or earlier

You can apply for admission regardless of your qualifying exam average. We will consider all received applications.

If you are applying without a qualifying Danish AP degree or if the average of your qualifying AP degree is less than 5.0 we will evaluate your actual competences and motivation.

Get more information in the guidelines.

All applicants without a Danish AP Degree will be invited to an interview in person or over Skype.

English test

If you do not have a Danish AP degree (International line), you must also meet our requirements for an officially approved English test.

We accept these tests with the following minimum scores:

  • IELTS: 6.5
  • TOEFL Internet based: 83
  • TOEFL Paper based: 560
  • Cambridge test: CAE A, B or C
  • Oxford Placement: 160 (min. 80 in each part)
  • Oxford Online Placement test: C1

For non-EU applicants we only accept IELTS and TOEFL.

Native English speakers and applicants with Nordic entrance exams (including applicants with a qualifying examination from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Scotland, or Ireland) are exempt from an English test. Please note that applicants with a qualifying examination from all other countries (including African and Asian countries, where the language of instruction is English) must submit a test.

If you have a Danish-language entrance exam (or another nordic entrance exam), you must have at least English B or equivalent.

Applicants with an AP degree other than Marketing Management

If you have an educational background other than Marketing Management, you must enclose your CV with your educational background, relevant courses and any work experience and enclose the relevant documentation.

You can view your admission options below. The requirements depend on your educational background.

AP degree in International Sales and Marketing (part-time) 
The degree is a qualifying exam, compulsory subjects are Business Administration and Business Law. 

AP graduate in Financial Management
To be accepted with an AP degree in Financial Management, your supplementation must include:

  • Logistics (recommended) 
  • Digital test  (see below)

AP graduate in Logistics Management
To be accepted with an AP degree in Logistics Management, your supplementation must include:

  • Digital test (see below)
  • Marketing
AP graduate in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management
To be accepted with an AP degree in Service Management, your supplementation must include:
  • Digital test (see below) or
  • Business law and Logistics

AP graduate in Design & Technology
As admission with an AP degree in Design & Technology is dependant on your choice of electives, admission will be based on an individual assessment. Generally, credits will only be given to applicants who apply for admission to specialise in marketing, business or sales. 

The academic supplementation must comprise:

Specialisation in Marketing and in Sales or Retail Marketing:

  • Digital test (see below)
  • Business Economics
  • Global Economics.

Specialisation in Business

  • Digital test (see below)
  • Marketing
  • Business Economics
  • Global Economics

AP graduate in Retail Marketing
To be accepted with an AP degree in Retail Marketing, your supplementation must include:

  • Digital test (see below)
  • Marketing (can be disregarded if your internship comprised a certain degree of marketing-related assignments) 
  • Global economics

AP graduate in Multimedia Design & Communication
In order to be accepted as an AP graduate in Multimedia Design & Communication the supplementation must include:

  • Digital test (see below)
  • The 3rd semester of the AP degree in Marketing Management

Digital test
The digital test will take place 27 May 2016 13-15. All written aids are allowed.

Download syllabus for the digital test (pdf)

The deadline is 19 May 2016. You will then receive an e-mail with practical information. 

Only the mark from you your qualifying exam counts as the basis for your admission. 

Do you have different educational background?

Contact study counselling at or phone 7228 6020 to hear about your options and any possible additional requirements if you have a different educational background.