3rd semester

Internship (15 ECTS)

You will spend the first half of the 3rd semester in a work placement with a company. The internship will provide you with a unique opportunity to test in real life what you have learnt and will provide you with insight into the type of job you will be qualified for. This will give you the opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge to practical work, and at the same time you will enhance your chances of gaining quick access to an exciting job. It is your own responsibility to find a company that will take you in, but we do place a large number of contacts at your disposition.

Bachelor's project (15) 

During the second half of the 3rd semester, you have to write your bachelor project. The bachelor project should be based on a practice-related issue. You will outline the issue for the bachelor project in collaboration with an external partner, most often the company where you do your internship. The project must be based on the central theories, methodologies and problems you were taught in the programme and the hands-on experience you have acquired during your internship. 

You can choose to do your internship and your BA project in companies or organisations abroad – you can read more about this here.