- at Tretommervej, Risskov

If you have been accepted to a programme at Tretommervej, Risskov, you can apply for one of our rooms in the dormitories on campus.

The dormitories are located on campus - so it will take you 2 minutes to go from your dormitory to the class room. 

We offer three type of rooms:

  • Single room with shared toilet/shower: 1,975 DKK/month
  • Single room with private toilet/shower: 2,475 DKK/month
  • Shared three-room flat with toilet/shower: 2,475 DKK/month

Many of our international students choose the single room with shared toilets/showers/kitchens. You will share the facilities with 6 to 18 students. The room is furnished with a bed, a table and chair, an armchair, a wardrobe, bookshelves and a wash basin. The room is 10-12 square meters. There is wireless internet in all rooms.

When you arrive, you will need to pay a deposit of 1,500 DKK (approximately 200 Euro). We only ask you to pay the deposit once. If you don't ruin anything in the room, we will return the deposit to you when you leave.

On campus you will have access to various facilities including an outdoor beach volley ball court, two gyms with fitness equipment, a library and a tv-room. 

Download application form (pdf)

Please e-mail your application to Pia Strunge Folkmann at You can apply for accommodation as soon as you have been accepted to the programme.

Remember to also apply for a room through, as we may not be able to house all international students.