Career Options

With a Bachelor’s degree you will have acquired knowledge about issues within ecology or economy. You will thus become the employee who ensures development and progress in a company that works with complex problems within agricultural and environmental management in Danish and international companies.

Your responsibilities will include aspects such as consultancy, administration, planning and management. You will be able to work at different levels of Danish as well as international organisations.

For example you could find employment within:

  • Consultancy and sales
  • Test and research companies 
  • Teaching
  • Management and administration in large agricultural companies
  • Public administration
  • Sustainable operations planning
  • Management of public companies
  • Green management planning
  • Construction companies
  • Agricultural project and change management
  • Top-level agro industrial leadership

Further education

In addition, this programme provides the opportunity for further education at another university. However, each individual university has the final decision on your admission to, say, a Master's degree programme, according to an individual evaluation of your skills.