The programme

Environmental Management

During the 2 years of study, you will be working with many aspects of nature and environmental protection. Each semester has the following main themes.

1st semester2nd semester3rd semester4th semester
Soil science
Water science Environmental
Land use and GIS
Soil and geology
Soil pollution
Stream, lake and ocean
Groundwater and drinking water
Waste water
Environmental management
Aquatic environment planning
Final project
Subjects to support the theme
Business economy and marketing
Plants and insects
Short internship 

Teaching methods

The teaching is a balanced mix of classroom teaching, projects, excursions, company visits, case studies, multi-disciplinary work and self-study. The teaching usually originates with practical problems. Contact with study-related companies will provide you with a good understanding of the qualifications you need for a career in the environmental sector.

You will be expected to work in various groups together with other students representing many nationalities. The exams are designed according to the individual subjects and can be oral as well as written.  


The programme includes a 2-week internship during the summer holiday between the 2nd and 3rd semester and an 8-week internship in a relevant company during the 4th semester.  We encourage our students to write their final exam project in collaboration with the internship company.

Go abroad

Studying in another country gives you a world of possibilities to strengthen your professional and personal skills. You get the chance to make life-long connections and build a strong international network. The qualifications you acquire in this programme are in great demand around the world and many students do their internships in international companies.  

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