Automotive Technology

AP degree - 2 years - 120 ECTS

The Automotive Technology programme is designed for people who would like to work with the most recent technology within the field of advanced electronic, hydraulic and automotive technological systems. The AP Degree programme in Automotive Technology is the first two years of a Bachelor’s programme.

The programme is based on the advanced technologies used in the development and optimisation of racing cars at all levels. Focus is on learning all elements of motorsport and gradually transferring the best elements to the civilian auto industry. The programme wil also teach you mercantile and mangagement concepts within motorsport and the automotive industry.

Become a central player for a racing team or in the car industry

As an Automotive Technologist, you will be both up to date with new technology and be able to communicate it to you colleagues. You will become the link between racing car drivers, mechanics, designers, sponsors and all the other stakeholders involved in keeping racing teams or the automotive industry top tuned.

The programme is taught in English.

This programme is a collaboration between the Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering and Business Academy Aarhus.