Further Education

The qualification as a Computer Scientist will open up a range of exciting job opportunities for you, but you can also use the qualification as a stepping stone to further education. In Denmark you can for example take a 1-1½ year Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at a university.

Bachelor of Web, Software or Digital Concept Development 

1½ year programme at Business Academy Aarhus.
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Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

1½ year programme at Business Academy Aarhus.
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Diploma degree programme in web or software development

As a computer scientist with 2 years of professional experience, you have the opportunity to take a diploma degree programme in software or web development at, for example, Business Academy Aarhus. The programme is structured so that you can study whilst you are working with your career. The programme typically lasts 2 years.

Information about the courses are in Danish, but all the teaching is done in English.

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Diploma degree programme in web development (in Danish) > >

Bachelor abroad

With an AP degree from Business Academy Aarhus you are qualified to take a BA degree abroad.

Business Academy Aarhus has a number of agreements with foreign universities providing credit transfers to students having obtained one of our AP degrees.

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