The Programme

The Computer Science programme is divided into five semesters with the following contents and structure. All five semesters have a duration of 6 months each. The programme corresponds to 150 ECTS.

The first four semesters take place at the Academy. The last semester is planned entirely by you. It can be spent on projects in Denmark or abroad. It is compulsory to collaborate with an external partner for your main project.

1st semester Programming 1 (15 ECTS)
Business and information technology 1 (6 ECTS)
System development 1 (9 ECTS)
2nd semester Programming 2 (12 ECTS)
Business and information technology 2 (4 ECTS)
System development 2 (6 ECTS)
Databases and operating systems (8 ECTS)
3rd semester  System development methods (10 ECTS)
Distributed programming (10 ECTS)
Distribution, integration and security (10 ECTS)
4th semester
 Electives (30 ECTS)
5th semester Internship (15 ECTS)
Main project (15 ECTS) 

The compulsory part

The core competencies of the progrramme are software construction and software design. These subjects are supported by the subject areas IT technology and Networks as well as Business Economics.


In the 4th semester of the programme, you have to put together your own specialisation course, which will add a unique profile to your qualification. We offer a series of subjects, which are adapted as new relevant subjects surface. The subjects are changed to ensure that the subjects we offer are always up to date. Subjects can be for example C#, databases, mobile programming and advanced web programming.


The internship is placed in the 5th semester. The internship gives you the opportunity to use the theoretical knowledge you have obtained in “real life”. At the same time, your chances of quick access to an exciting job will be strengthened. It is your responsibility to find a company for the trainee period, however Business Academy Aarhus has a list of contacts and job options available.

Main project

The main project can be solved in groups or individually. The project should be formulated in collaboration with an external partner such as a private or public company or organisation. For Computer Science, the main project can be prepared for almost any line of business and on a number of different subjects varying from traditional administrative areas to assignments on the boundary between applied technology and research.

Study Facilities

At Business Academy Aarhus, modern hardware and development software are some of the most important tools. The department has the most utilised development tools available, and as a student you will benefit from our Academic Alliance Programme collaboration with Microsoft, whereby we offer free use of Microsoft’s development tools.