Part-time Academy Profession degree programme

- for those of you who want a higher education whilst working

A part-time Academy Profession degree programme gives you, in combination with your work experience, skills that correspond to the full-time Academy Profession degree (a short-term higher education). The programme is equivalent to 60 ECTS credits and you can either study during the day or in the evening whilst you pursue your career.

With a part-time Academy Profession degree, you will get skills that you can either apply directly to your daily life, or improve on later. Your needs and desires determine how your educational process is structured. You can take the complete programme, or you can use the individual subjects as autonomous skill-development courses. It is completely up to you.

We offer a number of Part-time Academy Profession degree programmes, where can you take various subjects within the same field. The programmes have both compulsory and electives subjects. We recommend that you take one subject per semester so that you can complete your higher education programme within three years. The programme is completed with a final project. Please note that you have six years to complete you part-time Academy Profession degree programme.

Subjects in English at this programme

In 2016, you can take two subjects in English at Business Academy Aarhus as part of a full part-time Academy Profession programme in Leadership and Management.

  • Project Management in Practice
  • Management in Practice

Other subjects in this part-time programme are not currently offered in English, but please contact us at or phone +45 7228 6160 for enquiries.