Multimedia Design and Communication

AP degree - 2 years - 120 ECTS

Would you like to work with advertising, IT and media? Are you interested in graphic design, online marketing, digital communication and interface design? If so, you should be a multimedia designer. 

The Multimedia Design and Communication programme is a 2-year programme for students who would like to work with digital communication and interactive design. The AP Degree programme in Multimedia Design and Communication is the first two years of a Bachelor’s programme. You acquire a high level of technical knowledge and do some hands-on work with sketches and tests. We work with design, layout as well as programming, and you acquire broad knowledge about the processes behind digital marketing. You will learn about communication strategies and business organisation, which will equip you to perform a job as a web designer, media supporter, graphic designer or similar.

The programme is taught in English.

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The programme qualifies you for jobs within digital media production. You will have an opportunity to combine your creative skills with technical knowledge and communication skills, and you will learn to design, plan, realise and manage multimedia tasks. 

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Go abroad as part of your degree

You can complete a study period or internship abroad during your studies.