Compulsory subjects


... qualifies the student to include organisational aspects in project work, to understand organisational structures and processes in relation to the development or use of multimedia applications. The subject includes: organisation, economy, organisational IT systems, social and technological developments and project work.

Communication strategy and dissemination

... qualifies the student to analyse, assess and evaluate communication theories, media elements and technologies in communication situations with the aim of using these in multimedia projects. The subject includes: analysis, communication theory, marketing, choice of media elements and social development.

Design and visualisation 

... qualifies the student to work methodically with the design process in dialogue with other professionals. The subject includes: processes and methods, design of user interfaces, quality control, graphic design, media elements, media integration and aesthetics.


... qualifies the student to work with choosing and administering technology relating to multimedia applications. The subject includes: design and completion of multimedia applications, implementation and testing, quality management and documentation, technological know-how and data communication.

The subject areas are combined to form a consistent interdisciplinary unit. Classes and workshops will be taught during each semester.