Student and Academy Council

Influence your educational programme.

Each programme at the Academy has its own Student Council. The Student Council is a formal body that gives the students an opportunity to voice their opinions about their programme and other matters and organise social activities across teams. Each team elects two representatives to represent the team in the student council.

The Academy Council is your opportunity to have a direct say on your daily life as a student at Business Academy Aarhus. The Council works closely with the administration and the Academy's management. The Academy Council creates relationships across teams and organises fun and interesting events for the students. This includes intro week and excursions, parties, lectures etc.

The Student Council for each individual degree programme elects a number of representatives to the Academy Council. The Academy Council handles matters of relevance to the entire Academy (canteen, joint activities, etc.). It elects a chairman and a vicechaiman from among its members with the responsibility for drafting agendas, minutes of meetings, etc.

The Academy Council normally holds two meetings per semester, at which a reprensentative of the management always attends. The Academy Council nominates two members to the Business Academy's Board.

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