Examinations at Business Academy Aarhus

Automatic registration

You are automatically signed up for the exam. In other words, when you start a semester, you are simultaneously enrolled for the tests/exams, which belong to that semester.

Information about your exams

Information concerning exams and projects will available on Study Update well before the exam. If you have any questions regarding the exams, you must contact the administration for your programme.

If your exam is a digital exam, you will receive an email, sent to your school email address, with a link directly to that exam. All written exams are digital.

What must you do to be ready for digital exams?

Before your first digital exam, you must log into the examination system WISEflow and under ‘Your name’ check the settings for your email address and for notifications. Make sure that emails from WISEflow don’t end up as spam. It is also a good idea to get used to the system before your exam day.

A guide to logon and use the examination system WISEflow (pdf)

The exam requires that you are study active

The exam may require that you are study active and/or that you have handed-in mandatory and/or set assignments. If you do not meet these requirements, you will have used one exam attempt. You can find the applicable conditions in your curriculum.

Here you can:

Ministerial order for examinations

You can read about the Ministerial Order for Examinations (in Danish only)

Transcript of Marks 

You can view and print your marks from studsys.efif.dk

Illness in connection with an exam

If you are unable to do an exam due to illness, you must inform the administration as soon as possible.  The illness must be documented with a medical certificate which Business Academy Aarhus must have received no later than three days following the exam attempt.

Guidance for medical certificates (pdf)

If you do not inform Business Academy Aarhus in time, or if we don’t receive your medical certificate in time, it will count it as one exam attempt.