Exams abroad

Administration fee

If a student is abroad when they are meant to take an exam, it is possible to take the exam abroad.

It is the student’s responsibility to make us aware that the exam will be taken abroad. In addition to this, the student is responsible for making an agreement with a partner institution or embassy etc. abroad so that the exam can take place. The student will also have to pay any costs associated with the exam at the partner institution, embassy etc. abroad (e.g., fees for supervision).

Business Academy Aarhus must also be paid an administration fee of DKK 500 for the planning of each exam to be held abroad. The fee must be paid prior to the exam and in connection with the student informing the Academy that their exam will be held abroad. The student will receive an email with a link for payment. As soon as payment has gone through, the student must present a receipt of this payment. No planning of the actual exam abroad will begin until we have seen the receipt.

See more under the section: Taking an exam abroad in ‘Worth knowing about the exams’.