Build a bridge to new markets with an international intern

Did you know that each year close to 150 international students from Business Academy Aarhus take their internships in Danish companies?

 A strong network across national borders is important for your company’s ability to operate in an international market.

With an international intern, you can strengthen your international network because the company can draw on the student’s unique knowledge, language skills and cultural understanding of a given region.

How can an international intern help?

The students must do an internship as part of their educational programme. Therefore, they have up to date theoretical knowledge that has already been tried in practice through appropriate project collaborations. The student can therefore contribute positively to the company’s strategy by both giving you new knowledge and solving ordinary tasks.

An international intern can contribute specifically in relation to:

  • opening doors to new foreign markets
  • maintaining and strengthening cooperation with existing foreign affiliates, for example by communicating in the local language
  • providing valuable insight into a country’s or a region’s history, customs and culture
  • adding openness and understanding to your company concerning other cultures, for example by using their own cultural background and recently acquired theoretical knowledge

Get international specialist skills for your area

We have international students on the vast majority of our programmes.

You can therefore get an intern who is a specialist in exactly the area that your company needs help with.

Contact us or prepare a job advert right now

Do you want to have an international student as an intern? Or do you have questions about internships? Contact our Career Centre at or phone +45 7228 6060 - so that we can help you.

Read more about internship cooperation here. The procedure is the same whether you choose a Danish or an international intern.