Get a student from Product Development and Integrative Technology as an intern

Extra manpower for product development and input on new possibilities within the field of Integrative Technology

An internship agreement is a wonderful opportunity to resolve concrete tasks and at the same time meet an almost completely educated Product Development and Integrative Technology bachelor who is able to look at the company’s areas of work with a different set of eyes.

Internships are in the third semester, after 1 year of study.

With an internship agreement you get:

  • extra manpower to solve tasks within the development and optimisation of products and production processes
  • the opportunity to try out a prospective employee in practice
  • the opportunity to provide a student with valuable practical experience.

Most bachelors write their main exam project for the company during their internship. The exam project is a good opportunity for the company to clarify a particular area e.g., implement a specific analysis or get extra resources for a current development task.