Information about the corona virus (COVID-19) from Business Academy Aarhus

Business Academy Aarhus is monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely. We act according to guidelines set out by the Danish authorities.

Last updated on 23 March 15:35

The Danish Authorities have announced that the period of special restrictions has been conditionally extended until Easter Monday, 13 April.

This means that the Academy’s buildings will continue to be closed and teaching will continue via Canvas. Your teaching will continue to follow your schedule unless you get a direct message.

The Academy’s staff is still working from home.

Teaching continues from Monday, 16 March

Teaching continues from Monday, 16 March - but in a different format. 

How teaching will happen?

The Academy, like all other Higher Education facilities in Denmark, have had to close our buildings and therefore we cannot teach you in person. So far this is valid until Monday 13 April. However, teaching for full-time students will continue via Canvas.

Therefore, from Monday 16 March, all classes run according to schedule - this is valid for all classes, on all programmes. So, your existing schedule is the starting point for your teaching (subject to individual changes for some programmes) - stay up to date on Study Update and Canvas.

If your schedule has teaching planned from 8-12 for example, there will be learning activities at this time. This may vary from programme to programme, so check Study Update/Canvas for info on what exactly is happening on your programme, for your year and your class.

Exams will either be done virtually or postponed. You will get more information from your programme.

Study tours, summer schools and stays abroad

All students who are abroad for stays of a shorter duration (study trips, regular internships of about 3 months, and other study-related stays of shorter duration) are encouraged by the authorities to return to Denmark as soon as possible. 

International students who are currently abroad (and who are not Danish citizens) can not enter Denmark at the moment unless it can be documented at the border that you have residency in Denmark. If as an international student you don't have a registered address in Denmark (for example if you have terminated your rental contract), the authorities have now said that you cannot cross the border and come back into Denmark. The reason is that as long as there is no physical teaching, you do not need to be Denmark.

Students in internships abroad (where internships are typically around 10 months’ duration) should check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website, as this is a long-term stay. If you are not sure how to react whilst you are abroad, please contact the local embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Citizen Service.

All internships abroad that have been planned up until the summer holidays 2020 will not be carried out. Contact your internship coordinator to find an alternative.

All future study trips and work or study-related stays for employees and students have been cancelled up until 1 June 2020 (for now).

If you have enrolled on one of summer schools, we will let you know if there are any changes in the next couple of weeks.

The buildings are closed - our library and IT support/service desk can be contacted via email

All Business Academy Aarhus’ buildings are closed and you will not will be able to use your student card to get in. The library is also closed for physical access, but you can contact staff via their website or by email. As a rule, no one will be working at any of our campuses, but must be contacted via email.

IT support has also been sent home but can also be reached via email and the telephone.

Internship for full-time students

If you are doing your internship as a student, you are considered as an employee of the company, so you are covered by the internship company’s guidelines. Follow the guidelines that your company tells you. If you are sent home from your internship, you must - if possible - primarily work with internship assignments that come from the company. If this is not possible, you can work on your internship report or final exam assignment.

No students must show up at the Academy, beginning from Thursday March 12. Students have no access to the academy buildings - so far the restrictions apply until Monday April 13 (this can be prolonged later).

General questions

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has published a FAQ with questions and answers in English to students and institutions about the consequences of the COVID-19 situations. Please consult this FAQ also for questions about SU (the educational grant) as a supplement to the info published on this site - the FAQ of the ministry is often updated before this site.

Go to the FAQ of the Ministry of Higher Education and Science

If you need to contact someone at the academy, we encourage you to do so via e-mail. Find employee e-mail adresses here

For general questions on the virus, risk of infection and precautionary measures, we refer to official information from the Danish authorities and if in doubt, use the Danish authorities hotline: (+45) 70 20 02 33.

Find the Danish authorities information on coronavirus here