Information about COVID-19 at Business Academy Aarhus

This section was last updated on 14 January 2022 at 9:00

  • Teaching will be physical in January and February. This includes study start for new students
  • Most exams in January will be online. Students will be notified
  • A valid corona pass is necessary to enter the Academy. We will be doing spot checks. 
  • You must wear a face mask or visor at the Academy.
  • If you are sick or feeling unwell, stay at home, no matter whether it is the flu, a cold or similar diseases. You don't want to infect your classmates or lecturer.
  • The Academy encourages everyone to get vaccinated as this will prevent classes from shutting down and being converted to online teaching. 

FAQ relevant for international students

From 27 December, you must have a negative test to enter Denmark even though you are fully vaccinated. The test must be no older than 48 hours with a rapid antigen test or 72 hours with a PCR test at the time of entry. Depending on where you are coming from and whether you are fully vaccinated, you might need to go into self-isolation as well. You must follow the guidelines on self-isolation if this applies. All days of self-isolation must be completed before you are allowed to attend teaching at the Academy. If you have had corona within the last 5 months, you do need to be tested but must be able to document this.

To be considered fully vaccinated, the following requirements apply:

  • the vaccine must be approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).
  • at least 2 weeks and no more than 12 months must have elapsed since you received your final vaccination dose.
  • another approved vaccination process: receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine for the first jab and an mRNA vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer/BioNTech) for the second/third.

Please read all the different rules and regulations on the Danish Authorities webpage

All students must have a valid corona pass to enter the Academy, and if you are caught without a valid corona pass, you will be expelled immediately. 
To have a valid corona pass (from your home country):

  • you must be fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA)
  • at least two weeks have passed since your latest vaccination and no more than 12 months

Business Academy Aarhus will accept corona passes from your home country until you have a Danish CPR number and can download the Danish corona pass.

For the Danish corona pass to be valid:

  • you must get a 3rd booster shot no later than 5 months after your second shot with an approved vaccine
  • or you must be tested regularly (quick tests are valid for 48 hours and PCR tests are valid for 72 hours)

You must have a valid corona pass to enter the Academy (as well as any bars, restaurants in Denmark).

Everyone needs a corona pass - students, course participants, employees and guests. It is your responsibility to make sure your corona pass is valid and we will be doing random checks.

If you do not have a valid corona pass, you must not enter the Academy.

If you are caught without a valid corona pass, you will be expelled immediately.

You must wear face masks/visors from 19 December until further notice while you are at the Academy. Face masks/visors must be worn when walking between classes and in all common areas such as the canteen, the stairs or in the corridors.

You do not have to wear a face mask in any classrooms - regardless of whether you are there for teaching or an exam.

You must also wear a face mask on all public transport in Denmark and in shops etc.

Send an e-mail with the info below to 

1. Full name
2. Programme and class name
3. Which type of test: Rapid test (nasal swab) or PCR test (throat swab)
4. Date of test
5. Test response date
6. Date when you last had physical teaching in your class and/or with your elective class
7. Have you had any symptoms and if so, when did the symptoms start
8. Your phone number in case we need more information
9. Whether it’s OK for your classmates to be informed that you’re infected
10. Whether you have informed your close contacts that you are infected and thus done contact tracing

Please send this information via your student email as we are not allowed to share personal data with a private email. If you can’t do that then send your phone number and we’ll phone you.

If you have been close to someone who has tested positive for corona, you might be infected. In that case, you should stay at home if you are not fully vaccinated. You must be tested in any case. See more on the Danish Health Authority’s page about ‘close contacts’ and 'other contacts'.

However, if you have not been close to the infected person, but someone in your social circle (e.g. a girlfriend or roomie) has been close to an infected person – then you don't need to do anything except from paying close attention to any symptoms.

Not sure whether you have been in close contact with an infected person? Then you can contact the Danish Health Authority.

You can also write to but you must write from your Academy email or a secure email, as we are not allowed to exchange personal data via regular private email. If you can’t do this, please provide your phone number and we can phone you instead.

Yes, if you have had Covid-19, and you have been symptom-free for 48 hours (or completely symptom-free: 7 days since your positive test) - then you are welcome to come to physical exams/teaching, even though your corona passport is not actually valid until 14 days have passed since your positive test.

You must be able to document that you have had a positive corona test within the last 14 days, and you must be healthy again. Write from your Academy email to and ask if you are in doubt.

If you are not healthy and have not been symptom-free long enough, do not show up.

Most exams in January will be changed to online.
There may still be a few exams in January with physical attendance, for example, exams in workshops and laboratories.
All students will be directly informed about the form of their exam by their programme.
Remember your face mask and corona pass while you are at the Academy.

Teaching - also at study start:
Most teaching will continue as physical attendance in January and February according to plan. This also includes teaching for study start for new 1st semester students. Social events for new students at study start are still being planned but we might have to reschedule at short notice.

Stay up to date via your schedule or on Canvas.

Students may use common areas (canteen area, library and group facilities) for group work and the like. Remember your corona pas, face masks, good distance, etc.

Students cannot meet for social activities at the Academy outside of scheduled classes. Basement is closed from 10 December. And all parties at the Academy are cancelled until Christmas. In principle, a class can arrange to meet socially away from the Academy. But please be careful so that covid does not spread before the Christmas holidays or exams/internships in January.

If you do not have a corona pass, do not come to the Academy. There are no exceptions.

It is your responsibility to have a valid corona pass.

If you have an exam with physical attendance and you do not have a valid corona pass, you must not come to the Academy. You will therefore use one exam attempt. 

If you have teaching with physical attendance and you do not have a valid corona pass, you must not come to the Academy. We will not offer any replacement classes.

NB: Please also note the question above: "I'm healthy again after COVID-19. Can I come physically before 14 days have passed?"

If you feel sick, have flu symptoms/fever or feel hot/uncomfortable, stay home until you are well again. You must not come to the Academy if you are ill, because you can still infect others in your class. If you are ill, stay at home - corona or not.

If you do have symptoms, please get tested according to the guidelines. If you have a negative PCR test, but are still ill, then wait until you feel better before meeting up at the Academy. You decide when you feel well enough to come.

Follow the guidelines from your programme concerning notifying us of any illness.

For pre-exam symptoms:

Do not show up for a physical exam if you have symptoms. If you experience symptoms on the day of the exam you must follow the guidelines on self-isolation and stay at home, and you must immediately contact your programme secretary or programme administration.

In case of corona - or close contact with an infected person - before the exam:

If you have to self-isolate because you have corona or are in close contact with someone who has corona, you must must contact your programme secretary. Your programme will decide if it is possible for you to do your exam online, or if you must wait till the next re-exam is scheduled without losing one exam attempt.

You must send a short email to your programme secretary with the reason. Use your Academy email if you can. The programme can ask for additional documentation if this is necessary. 

If your exam requires physical attendance (primarily laboratory exams at Hasselager Allé) and cannot be conducted online, you can apply to do a re-exam without losing one exam attempt.

If you have corona and symptoms that prevent you from completing your exam online, you must apply to your programme secretary /programme administration for sick leave and document this with a doctor’s certificate, like you would for any other illness.

The Academy encourages everyone to get vaccinated as this will prevent classes from shutting down and being converted to online teaching. Vaccines are free in Denmark. 

If students in internships are sent home by a company, they must work on assignments for the company and follow the company’s guidelines. The internship period will not be extended.

Graduation events may be held separately for the individual classes, but unfortunately it will be without guests (family, friends, etc.). Everyone in their last semester will be notified by their programme.

See also the complete guidelines for teaching, corona testing and social distancing for Business Academy Aarhus (pdf)


If you need to contact someone at the Academy, we encourage you to do so via phone or e-mail.

Find employee e-mail addresses here

If you have corona related questions, you can call the health authorities on tel. (+45)3232 0511 or consult the Danish authorities’ website for information about the coronavirus or read current rules and regulations.

You can also call us in the opening hours - see opening times and telephone number for the reception

Corona questions from students (incl. reports on positive tests) can be sent to from your student email.