Information about COVID-19 at Business Academy Aarhus

This section was last updated October 2022

  • There are no corona restrictions at the Academy. If you get sick, please contact your programme secretary or teacher as you would in case of any other disease.
  • If you are sick or feeling unwell, stay at home, no matter whether it is the flu, a cold or similar diseases. You don't want to infect your classmates or lecturer.

FAQ relevant for international students

In Denmark, corona is to be treated like any other disease, so if you get symptoms or get a positive corona test, contact your programme and let them know you are sick (as with any other disease).

There is no specific Academy corona mail address you should contact in case of infection. Please contact your programme secretary or teacher as you would in case of any other disease.

From March 2022 in Denmark, testing is no longer deemed necessary even if you are a 'close contact' to someone who is infected with COVID-19.

See more on the Danish Health Authority’s page.


If you feel sick, have flu symptoms/fever or feel hot/uncomfortable, stay home until you are well again.

You must not come to the Academy if you are ill, because you can still infect others in your class. If you are ill, stay at home - corona or not.

Follow the guidelines from your programme concerning notifying us of any illness.

From March 2022, you can come back to school again if you meet the requirements to end your self-isolation and you are healthy again after corona (but normally no sooner than 4 days after your positive test).

Teaching, semester start and other activities will be in the form of physical attendance. A few classes may be online in case your lecturer needs to work from home.

For pre-exam symptoms:

Do not show up for a physical exam if you have symptoms or if you are sick. If you experience symptoms on the day of the exam you must stay at home, and you must immediately contact your programme secretary or programme administration.

In case of corona - or close contact with an infected person - before the exam:

If you have to self-isolate because you have corona, you must must contact your programme secretary. Your programme will decide if it is possible for you to do your exam online, or if you must wait till the next re-exam is scheduled without losing one exam attempt.

You must send a short email to your programme secretary with the reason. Use your Academy email if you can. The programme can ask for additional documentation if this is necessary. 

If your exam requires physical attendance (primarily laboratory exams) and cannot be conducted online, you can apply to do a re-exam without losing one exam attempt.

If you have corona or another illness/symptoms that prevent you from completing your exam online, you must apply to your programme secretary /programme administration for sick leave and document this with a doctor’s certificate, like you would for any other illness.

The Academy still encourages everyone to get vaccinated as this will prevent that students and lecturers from getting sick. Vaccines are free in Denmark. 

If you have corona related questions, please consult the Danish authorities’ website for information about the coronavirus.

Are you a student with a corona question that is not answered in the section above? Contact your programme secretary or call the Academy in the opening hours - see opening times and telephone number for the reception