Information about the corona virus (COVID-19) at Business Academy Aarhus

Last updated 12 January 13:30

International students who DO have a residency permit (CPR nr) for Denmark.

International students who are registered in Denmark and do have a Danish address can enter Denmark, but you must have a Corona test that is not more than 24 hours old, and proof of registration (your yellow health insurance card). See more and stay up to date here

There will be online teaching for all international programmes until 28 February. However, there might be physical teaching for Chemical and Biotechnical Science (AP) and Chemical and Biotechnical Technology and Food Technology (top-up) and IT Technology (3rd semester). Students on these programmes will be directly informed by their programme concerning the form of teaching.

International students who do not have a residency permit for Denmark are not able to enter Denmark at the moment (see more here.)

We follow the authorities' guidelines

Business Academy Aarhus is closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) and follows all guidelines from the Danish authorities. We will update this page if there is news of any special precautions we need to take at the Academy. 

General questions

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has published an FAQ with questions and answers in English for students and institutions about the consequences of the COVID-19 situation. Please consult this FAQ, also for questions about SU (the educational grant) as a supplement to the info published on this site - the FAQ from the Ministry is often updated before this site.

Go to the Ministry of Higher Education and Science's FAQ

For general questions on the virus, risk of infection and precautionary measures, we refer to official information from the Danish authorities and if in doubt, use the Danish authorities hotline: (+45) 70 20 02 33.

Find the Danish authorities’ website for general information about the coronavirus

Specific questions regarding international students already in Denmark

I have been tested positive for COVID-19. How do I inform the Academy?

Send an e-mail with the info below to 

1. Full name
2. Programme
3. Class name
4. Date of test
5. Test response date
6. Date when you last had physical teaching in your class and/or with your elective class
7. Have you had any symptoms and if so, when did the symptoms start
8. Your phone number in case we need more information
9. Whether it’s OK for your classmates to be informed that you’re infected
10. Whether you have informed your close contacts that you are infected and thus done contact tracing

Please send this information via your student email as we are not allowed to share personal data with a private email. If you can’t do that then send your phone number and we’ll phone you.

It is also urgent that you follow the guidelines from the health authorities (in English)

What are the guidelines for physical teaching (2 m distance)?

When there is physical teaching at the Academy, you must follow the guidelines.

The general rule is that everyone must obey the 1 m social distancing rule. The main exception is that students do not have to keep a 1 m distance in their fixed classroom when they have teaching with their permanent class/permanent group.

Read all the guidelines for students, staff and guests at Business Academy Aarhus (pdf)

Somebody I know has been tested positive for COVID-19? What should I do?

If you have been close to someone who has tested positive for novel coronavirus, you are at risk of having been infected. Therefore, you should stay at home and also be tested.

See the guidelines from the Danish Health Authorities about close contacts

If you have not been close to the person infected yourself but know someone else who has been in close contact with the infected person then you can still come to the Academy and you won't need to self-isolate or to be tested. You should, however, pay close attention to the development of any symptoms.

Are you in doubt as to whether you have been in close contact with an infected person? We suggest you contact the health authorities - please see the link above.

You can also contact the Academy corona task force on You must write to us from your student email account as we cannot exchange personal data with a private e-mail account (such as Gmail, Yahoo etc.). If you are unable to use your student e-mail, then send us your mobile number and we will phone you.

Exams and Corona/self-isolation: what should I do?

If you must self-isolate because you have corona or are in close contact with someone who has Corona, you can apply to do an online exam. You must do this by sending a short email (from your Academy email) to your programme secretary with the reason. The programme can ask for additional documentation if this is necessary. If your exam requires physical attendance (primarily laboratory exams at Hasselager Allé), you can apply to do a re-exam without losing one exam attempt.

If you have Corona and symptoms that prevent you from completing your exam online, you must apply to your programme secretary for sick leave and document this with a doctor’s certificate, as you would for any other illness.

If you have any symptoms:
You must not come to any physical exams if you have symptoms. If you experience symptoms, for eg on the day of the exam, you must follow the guidelines on self-isolation and stay at home, and you must immediately contact your programme secretary to decide what must be done.

Exams and leaving Denmark/self-isolation - what should I do?

NB for international students with residence in Denmark who want to go home for Christmas:

Stay informed here:

If your home country is one of those that the authorities advise against travelling to, you must do 14 days of self-isolation when you return to Denmark. The 14 days must be completed before you come to the Academy in person. Your home country may also have entry restrictions that mean you must self-isolate when you enter the country from Denmark. If your exam is scheduled while you must be in self-isolation, you can apply for prior approval to do the exam online by sending a short email from your Academy email. You must send this mail to your programme secretary with the reason.

I am coming to Denmark from abroad. What should I do?

Information about corona for new students coming to Business Academy Aarhus (from abroad)

As a resident in Denmark, if you choose to go to one of the countries that the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travelling to the Danish Health Authority recommends that you self-isolate for 14 days.

The Academy follows the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Health Authority. This means that we expect staff and students to self-isolate for 14 days if they have stayed in one of the countries which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travelling to.

For students, this means that the 14 days must be completed before you meet at the Academy.

As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs updates the list of these countries on an ongoing basis, you must stay up to date, see, for example,

I am doing my internship. What if corona interferes with it?

If students in internships are sent home by a company they must work on assignments for the company and follow the company’s guidelines. The internship period will not be extended.

When can I access the buildings?

Student access to Academy buildings is only allowed if you have physical teaching, or you have an appointment with an employee (e.g. exams or an agreed physical meeting with an employee, e.g. the student counsellors or librarian). 


Must I wear a facemask?

There is a partial requirement to wear facemasks at the Academy. This means that all students and staff must wear a mask when moving around within the Academy for example in the canteen or corridors.

A facemask is not required when students are sitting down in classrooms.

You must bring your own facemask with you to the Academy. You can buy masks at the reception or at Factum Books at Campus Sønderhøj.


If you need to contact someone at the Academy, we encourage you to do so via phone or e-mail.

Find employee e-mail addresses here

If you have corona related questions, you can call the health authorities on (+45) 70 20 02 33 or consult the Danish authorities’ website for information about the coronavirus.

You can also call us in the opening hours - see opening times and telephone number for the reception

Corona questions from students (incl. reports on positive tests) can be sent to - preferably from your student email.