Information about precautions and procedures for the corona virus (COVID-19) at Business Academy Aarhus

Last updated 1 July at 10:30

Information about corona for new students coming to Business Academy Aarhus (from abroad)

New guidelines for behaviour in the Academy buildings will be published in August.

Holidays abroad and 14 days of self-isolation before coming to the Academy in August

If you go to one of the countries that the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travelling to during the summer holidays, the Danish Health Authority recommends that you self-isolate for 14 days. The Academy follows the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Health Authority. This means that we expect staff and students to self-isolate for 14 days if they have stayed in one of the countries which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against travelling to. As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs updates the list of these countries on an ongoing basis, you must stay up to date, see, for example,

For students, this means that the 14 days of self-isolation must be completed before you come to the Academy for your semester or programme start.

We follow the authorities' guidelines

Business Academy Aarhus is closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) and follows all guidelines from the Danish authorities. We will update this page if there is news of any special precautions we need to take at the Academy. Everyone is encouraged to follow the Danish authorities’ website for general information concerning the coronavirus.

Teaching, exams and internships

We will update the guidelines in August so physical teaching/exams and other activities follow all the health authority’s recommendations.

All programmes will let their students know directly about any re-exams. This is due to the fact that each programme is organised differently. 

Students in internships abroad (where internships are typically around 12 months’ duration) should check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website, as this is a long-term stay. If you are not sure how to react whilst you are abroad, please contact the local embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Citizen Service.

If you are doing your internship as a student, you are considered as an employee of the company, so you are covered by the internship company’s guidelines. Follow the guidelines that your company tells you. If you are sent home from your internship, you must - if possible - primarily work with internship assignments that come from the company. If this is not possible, you can work on your internship report or final exam assignment.

The buildings are closed for students during summer

All Business Academy Aarhus’ buildings are closed for students during summer.

If you have an appointment with an employee (e.g., at the library or with a student counsellor), you may enter the building for that specific purpose.

General questions

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science has published an FAQ with questions and answers in English for students and institutions about the consequences of the COVID-19 situation. Please consult this FAQ, also for questions about SU (the educational grant) as a supplement to the info published on this site - the FAQ from the Ministry is often updated before this site.

Go to the Ministry of Higher Education and Science's FAQ

If you need to contact someone at the Academy, we encourage you to do so via e-mail. Find employee e-mail addresses here

For general questions on the virus, risk of infection and precautionary measures, we refer to official information from the Danish authorities and if in doubt, use the Danish authorities hotline: (+45) 70 20 02 33.

Find the Danish authorities information on coronavirus here