Atli Rafnsson 2

Atli is passionate about sustainability

34-year-old Atli Rafnsson is doing his internship as an environmental officer on Samsø. Read more
Maja Seidenfaden

Student starts aid agency in Paris

Marketing Management student Maja Seidenfaden from Business Academy Aarhus started a new aid agency during her exchange semester in Paris.Read more

Team building concept wins innovation competition

A concept for the team building company Coast Zone was awarded 1st place at 'Experts in Teams'. 2nd place went to a paper cup with seeds concept for Aarhus Bryghus, and the 3rd place was awarded to a virtual exhibition room for We Do Wood.Read more
Eksperter I Teams15

How many green ideas can be 400 students get in three days?

Interdisciplinary collaboration are the key words in our competition 'Experts in Teams' where, for three days, students will try to make 11 companies greener.Read more

Agricultural students move to Sønderhøj

In 2018, 400 agricultural students will be moving from Vejlby Risskov to Sønderhøj in Viby J, to a 4,800 square metre new campus building. Read more
Honorata 3

International students do get internships in Danish companies

Eight out of ten international students from Business Academy Aarhus’ Bachelor programme in International Sales and Marketing Management are doing their internships in Danish companies.Read more

2256 new students to Business Academy Aarhus

In late August, Business Academy Aarhus will welcome 2256 new students. This is 8 percent more than last year. Therefore, Aarhus’ third largest educational institution once again has a record number of admissions for the seventh year in a row.Read more
IMG 2462

5898 applications to Business Academy Aarhus

Aarhus’ third largest educational institution has increased applications for the seventh year in a rowRead more
Gruppefoto Vinderne

Prize winner: ‘I get to give something back’

Dansk Supermarked Group and intern Mads Fuglsang Hedegaard from Business Academy Aarhus victorious after competing against the eight other internship spots at a gala event in Odense.Read more
Vindere 3

Dansk Supermarked crowned best internship company

Dansk Supermarked, with their intern Mads Fuglsang Hedegaard, have won this year’s Business Academy Aarhus internship award.Read more

Students develop hemp food products for Møllerup Gods

Eight bachelor students specialising in Food Technology from Business Academy Aarhus devise new products with hemp for Møllerup Gods. Read more

Entrepreneurial students win Regional Championship in Entrepreneurship for their cardboard crutches

Students from Business Academy Aarhus win eight out of 12 places at the Regional Championship in Entrepreneurship, and will now battle it out at the Danish Championships. Sustainable cardboard crutches awarded first prize.Read more

New international agricultural programme

Business Academy Aarhus is starting up a new higher education programme in ‘Agricultural and Environmental Management’ in September 2016. This programme is specifically targeted at managers at large farms abroad. Read more

Business Academy Aarhus to elect the best internship company of the year

Did you have superb internship? If so, as a student at Business Academy Aarhus, now is your chance to nominate your company.Read more
DSC 0326

Companies line up to speak to students about internships and job opportunities

150 students and 50 companies speed dated for internships and jobs at Business Academy Aarhus.Read more
Lizacastroprojekt 2

Students work as research assistants

A student job as research assistants at Business Academy Aarhus gave Kristinna Kristensen and Tine Dalby valuable training in what it means to work scientifically.Read more

From farmer to graduate student at Aarhus University

A farmer training programme was not enough for Rasmus Skovgaard Stephansen. He wants to work with Danish cattle breeding and therefore had to go higher up in the education system. He recently graduated (with top marks) as a Bachelor in Agricultural and Environmental Management from Business Academy Aarhus. But Rasmus is not stopping here. In two years, if all goes well, he will earn a Master’s degree in Agrobiology. Read more
Soenderhoej 30 2

Business Academy Aarhus earns highest stamp of approval

Business Academy Aarhus is the first Danish University of Applied Sciences to be awarded a positive accreditation in Denmark. The Academy’s accreditation once again proves that we develop relevant, quality programmes. Read more
Tvaerfagligt Beton Projekt

Interdisciplinary project with concrete and rainwater

Two Danish Environmental Technology students and two international Chemical and Biotechnical Science students from the Business Academy Aarhus are investigating whether crushed concrete can remove heavy metals from rainwater.Read more

Thorough screening of foreign applicants is worth the effort

When Business Academy Aarhus welcomes 350 new international students this summer, many of them have already meet a representative from the Academy. This is because Business Academy Aarhus travels to Europe each year to collect the right students. Read more