5898 applications to Business Academy Aarhus

Aarhus’ third largest educational institution has increased applications for the seventh year in a row

The deadline for Danish students to apply for a higher education was at 12 midday on 5 July, and at Business Academy Aarhus we are very satisfied with the result.

8 percent increase

5898 applications in all! Our bachelor programmes alone have experienced an increase in applications of an incredible 53 per cent, equivalent to 517 additional applications. In all, we had 1093 international students applying for admittance. This means that overall Business Academy Aarhus has had a gain of eight percent, one percent more than last year. Therefore, we have had an increase for the seventh year in a row!

Potential students speak out

Potential student’s comments for why they have applied to us include:

- Ready for a job in just two years

- this programme and programme design are perfect for me - I like that the teaching is business orientated and close to practise and that there are jobs for us when we are finished

- I don’t want to take a very long Master’s degree - I want to quickly get into the job market

Business related programmes are popular

At Business Academy Aarhus, the Rector Christian Mathiasen, is happy about the number of applicants. ‘We have had notable surges in applications the past years. The huge number of applications year after year confirms that Business Academy Aarhus is doing the right thing in connecting theory with practice and educating young people in close cooperation with, primarily, the private job market. At the same time, we have developed a number of programmes which students can build upon, this enables the students to increase their formal education after a period of working,’ says Rector Christian Mathiasen.

Great interest in business and digital concept development 

Interest has been particularly high for Financial Management and Services (40 per cent increase), IT Network and Electronics Technology (44 per cent increase), International Sales and Marketing Management (45 per cent increase) and our Bachelor of Digital Concept Development (100 per cent increase). The Academy’s most popular programmes are still Marketing Management, with 660 applications, and Financial Management with 534 applications. 

More students year after year

Since 2009, Business Academy Aarhus has experienced a marked growth in applications. Just how many students will be admitted this year will only be finalised on the 30 July 2016 when our programme places have been distributed and admittance letters have been sent out to the many aspiring students.