Agricultural students move to Sønderhøj

In 2018, 400 agricultural students will be moving from Vejlby Risskov to Sønderhøj in Viby J, to a 4,800 square metre new campus building.

There will be even more different academic backgrounds assembled at Sønderhøj, in Viby J, when 400 agricultural students from Vejlby Risskov move into their new campus building in 2018. The building, which has not yet been built, will be located on the carpark across from Sønderhøj 8 (see model photos).

Denmark’s second largest professional agricultural environment

The Academy’s many thousand students will therefore be joined by 350 Environmental Management and Agricultural and Environmental Management students as well as 50 students from Jordbrugets UddannelsesCenter (an agricultural training centre).

Together they will form Denmark’s second largest professional agricultural environment.

‘We look forward to being able to offer our students an even better study environment,’ Head of Department Lars Villemoes from Business Academy Aarhus says and adds:

‘It will be a big boost for our programmes to be part of the daily student life at Business Academy Aarhus and be close to, among others, Marketing Management, Financial Management and Services, Computer Science and Innovation and Entrepreneur students. At the same time, I am pleased that we can move the whole of the professional agricultural environment we have in Vejlby. In this way we get the best of two worlds and a unique educational offering for young people who want to educate themselves within the field of agriculture.’

Future-proof educational programmes

Jordbrugets UddannelsesCenter, who is responsible for educating production managers and agricultural economists, is also excited about the move.

‘Tomorrow’s agricultural leaders must be skilled at more than just delivering good production results and good economic results. They must be able to work in a profession that requires that they master topics such as innovation and marketing, so with the move to an even stronger, interdisciplinary environment, we are helping to future-proof our management programme,’ says Director Peter L. Moesgaard from Jordbrugets UddannelsesCenter.