Business Academy Aarhus earns highest stamp of approval

Business Academy Aarhus is the first Danish School of Applied Sciences to be awarded a positive accreditation in Denmark. The Academy’s accreditation once again proves that we develop relevant, quality programmes.

Accredited. As the first business academy in Denmark and the first higher education institution in Western Denmark, Business Academy Aarhus received a favourable institutional accreditation on 14 January 2016. It is the highest Danish quality stamp an educational institution can achieve, and can be compared to a restaurant receiving a Michelin Star.

‘This provides a guarantee for the students that have chosen one of our programmes. Students can be absolutely certain that when they choose us, they get teaching of the highest quality and educational programmes that are aligned with business needs,’ says the Principal Christian Mathiasen from Business Academy Aarhus.

The accreditation system helps to create a more transparent educational market in Denmark, which benefits students, the labour market and the educational institutions. It also indicates that ‘Business Academy Aarhus meets all applicable standards, nationally and internationally’, a pleased Head of International Office, Mads Hedelund states and adds that a ‘constant dialogue with students, alumni and the business community is the only way to ensure consistent quality and relevance’.

Accreditation is a method of external quality assurance

The accreditation of higher education institutions ensures that educational relevance and quality are in accordance with centrally defined criteria. This ensures not only a high quality of education, but also that the external accreditation is done on a consistent basis.

Institutional accreditation is based on five statutory criteria:

  • Relevance of the programme
  • The programme’s level and content
  • The programme’s knowledge foundation
  • Quality assurance policy and strategy
  • Quality management and organisation

The accreditation of Business Academy Arhus

The accreditation of our institution focuses on the whole, both in the assessment of the individual criteria and across all the criteria. The assessment was conducted by an international accreditation panel composed of individuals with expertise within the higher education sector in general, international experts, quality assurance experts, experts with knowledge about relevant labour relations, as well as student representatives.  The overall assessment is based on Business Academy Aarhus’ KPIs, a self-evaluation report, a visit to the Academy, as well as documentation for the Academy’s work in quality within selected areas.

All new programmes in Denmark must be accredited before they can be created.

Business Academy Aarhus has been accredited according to the Accreditation Act on higher institutions, which came into force on 1 July 2013.

Further information

For further information, contact Head of International Office Mads Hedelund at or +45 7228 6021 or Principal Christian Mathiasen at or +45 7228 6001.  

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