Prize winner: ‘I get to give something back’

Dansk Supermarked Group and intern Mads Fuglsang Hedegaard from Business Academy Aarhus victorious after competing against the eight other internship spots at a gala event in Odense.

120 spectators sat on the edge of their seats in the Radisson Blu H.C. Hotel in Odense, when the announcement was made naming the one company that has given their intern the best internship experience.

And the winner is. ...

The winning trophy went to Dansk Supermarked Group and Mads Fuglsang Hedegaard from Business Academy Aarhus.

‘I feel great. That was what I dreamt of when I nominated Dansk Supermarked. I’ve given something back,’ says the 25-year-old prize-winner.

He took the Purchasing Manager Jakob Petersen (to the left, group photo), the HR Manager Jette Radich and one of their student assistants, Per Munk Hansen (on the right) from Dansk supermarket with him to the award ceremony.

‘To stand here and be named the best internship company is absolutely fantastic, especially when you consider that there were about ten thousand internships in total last year. It’s really important for us to have interns from business academies, we get to try their theory out into reality,’ says Purchasing Manager Jakob Petersen.

Mads, who has recently graduated as a Bachelor in International Sales and Marketing Management, has changed his internship into a permanent paycheck and a business card with the title of Category Coordinator within the group.

From 578 nominees and nine finalists, to one winner

Prior to the final award ceremony, 578 interns from the country’s nine business academies had nominated their internship companies for the competition. They were then whittled down to nine finalists, one from each business academy, and these finalists then faced a jury to justify why precisely their company should win the title of Business Academy Internship of the year.

Career plan and development

On the choice of the winner, one jury member Søren Jan Nilsen, Director of Danske Bank Business said:

‘Dansk Supermarked has given their intern a huge amount of responsibility, which allowed him to evolve a great deal during his internship. Even his recruitment was done extremely professionally, which proves that they take getting and developing candidates seriously. We also noted the fact that the company develops career plans with the students and thus takes responsibility for how the student proceeds after their internship process.’ 

Second and third place

Second place went to Semco maritime, who had Mike Seider from Business Academy Southwest in an internship. Third place went to Toms Group, who had Tine Willumsen from Zealand Institute of Business and Technology in an internship.

Entrance ticket to a job

The Business Academy Internship of the year award was founded to demonstrate how an internship is successful and fruitful for both the intern and the company.

Internships provide, in many cases, access the student’s first job. Danish Business Academies estimates that approximately 25% of the  business academies’ internships lead to a job. Seven out of the nine finalists have been given jobs in their internship company.